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SaltyRTC WebRTC Task for JavaScript

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This is a SaltyRTC WebRTC task implementation for JavaScript (ES5 / ES2015), written in TypeScript 2.

Warning: This is beta software. Use at your own risk. Testing and review is welcome!


Via npm

You can install this library via npm:

npm install --save @saltyrtc/task-webrtc @saltyrtc/client


When creating the task instance, you can specify whether or not a handover to a secure data channel is desired.

let task = new WebRTCTask(true);

You can also specify the max DataChannel chunk size:

let task = new WebRTCTask(true, 65536);

If you don’t specify any values, handover defaults to true and the chunk size defaults to 16384.

The handover can be initiated using the handover method:

let started = task.handover(peerConnection);

Note: You should call this method before creating offer/answer!

To send offers, answers and candidates, use the following task methods:

  • .sendOffer(offer: RTCSessionDescriptionInit): void
  • .sendAnswer(answer: RTCSessionDescriptionInit): void
  • .sendCandidate(candidate: RTCIceCandidateInit): void
  • .sendCandidates(candidates: RTCIceCandidateInit[]): void

You can register and deregister event handlers with the on, once and off methods:

task.on('candidates', (e) => {
    for (let candidateInit of {

The following events are available:

  • offer(saltyrtc.tasks.webrtc.Offer): An offer message was received.
  • answer(saltyrtc.tasks.webrtc.Answer): An answer message was received.
  • candidates(saltyrtc.tasks.webrtc.Candidates): A candidates message was received.
  • disconnected(number): A previously authenticated peer disconnected from the signaling server.

To know when the handover is finished, please subscribe to the handover event on the client directly.


To compile the test sources, run:

$ npm run rollup_tests

Then simply open tests/testsuite.html in your browser!

Alternatively, run the tests automatically in Firefox and Chrome:

$ npm test


Responsible Disclosure / Reporting Security Issues

Please report security issues directly to one or both of the following contacts:

Coding Guidelines

  • Write clean ES2015
  • Favor const over let


MIT, see