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Web 2.0 - Ember.js


git clone https://vcs.zwuenf.org/yweweler/web20-ember
cd web20-ember/todo


The use of an IDE to support development is recommended. Since we use a pre initialized project from this repository, we do not need Ember specific support inside the IDE.

WebStorm from JetBrains or the Eclipse IDE.


  1. Install the base template and check that everything is working. To check if everything is working properly, start the build-in development server using:

    node_modules/ember-cli/bin/ember server

    The default address is localhost:4200.

  2. Familiarize yourself with the Ember.js application.

    • app/app.js loads and initializes the application.
    • index.html includes the generated JavaScript and templates of the application.
    • app/router.js defines the application route mapping for incoming requests.
    • app/routes/application.js defines the RouteHandler of the implicit application route.
    • app/templates/application.hbs defines the template of the implicit application route.
  3. Add a paragraph that tells the user how many todos of his/her total todos are incomplete. For example, this can be implemented using Computed Properties.

  4. Currently new todos can’t be added.

    • Modify the todo input box so it calls the createTodo function inside app/components/todo-list.js when the enter key is pressed. Take a look at Input Helpers for more information.
    • Modify the createTodo function to locally create a record in the model store. Consult the Model Guide for more information.
    • Save the new todo object persistently to the REST-Server.
    • Use your browsers debug functionality to take a look at the application requests and the server responses. What is the server response on successful record creation?
  5. The Clear completed button isn’t working right now. If it’s clicked, persistently delete all completed todos in the list and on the remote server.